By road the address is:-

Laddingford Aerodrome,

Darman Lane,

Laddingford, Near Paddock Wood,

TN12 6PW.

Laddingford Aerodrome was set up in the early eighties by David Woods' family, on their farm, to operate amongst other aircraft the DeHaviland Tiger Moths that David, Mollie and their 2 sons flew. The farm had been an apple orchard but now grows a hay crop. As they steadily cleared the trees and improved the aerodrome, it grew to the point that at one stage it had no less than 5 runways, although this slowly reduced back to the 2 main runways, plus an emergency runway (now used as a taxiway) that exist today on the farm.

By 2001 the family were finding it hard work to maintain the farm and aerodrome and took the decision to lease the site out, making the offer to Peter Kember, who at the time was one of those who had other aircraft based there. Peter asked 3 friends, Peter Bridges, Paul Matthews and David Watts to join him in the arrangement, and the 4 ran the farm and aerodrome for the next 5 years, making many improvements, the most significant being the drainage plan, which has allowed the airfield to be used throughout the year.

In 2006 David Woods offered the 4 leaseholders the option to buy the aerodrome site, but only Peter Kember took this up, and after finding 9 others to join him, Laddingford Farm Ltd (LFL) was formed to operate the farm and aerodrome, retaining David Watts as Manager.

Since the formation of LFL, improvements have still continued on the aerodrome, the most significant being the construction of a substantial log cabin clubhouse. Also two of the three agricultural storage and aircraft hangar buildings were repaired and upgraded, and the access road and parking area was also improved. We also installed a comprehensive CCTV system covering the whole site and in 2015 and 2016 further extensive drainage work was contracted on the main runway to extend and improve that originally undertaken. The land also continues to generate a farm income for the owners from the crops grown on the majority of the site not directly used by aircraft.

The 10 Directors/Owners of Laddingford Aerodrome are Bowden Family, Nigel Cotrell, Peter Greenyer, Kevin Gutteridge, Frank Hardiman, David Moorman, Roger Pyne, Neil Thomason, Anna Walker and Woods Brothers.

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